Research-Production Company 'Uniservice' Co.Ltd - Fr. Sauter AG Engineering center.
            Building management and automation systems for engineering equipment. HVAC automation - 'turn key' solution.
            Automatics for engineering systems, dispatching, automation, 'intellectual building', automatics for steam-boilers and hot-water boilers, boilers-utilizer, foundry furnaces, boiler houses, heat supply stations, ventilating systems, conditioners, refrigerating machine, illumination management
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Production and services

buildings automatics and dispatching
Works for automation and dispatching of  ventilation and conditioning systems, heat supply stations, boiler-houses, buildings, cottages, fire safety systems
 automation fire and intruder systems, fire-fighting automation, access control, warning and video monitoring
 Dispatching on mobile connection(GSM-modem)
Building managenent systems control cabinets. Power cabinets.
Equipment of the SAUTER company
Equipment of the 'Jola' company (Germany)
Equipment of the 'ESSER', 'EFFEFF' company (Germany)

Control cabinets for builing managenent systems. Power cabinets.

    Enterprise Uniservice develops, produces and delivers  Electrotechnical cabinets of the Uniservice company production
to customer automation cabinets, control panels or combined cabinets for automatics and object engineering facilitys control, as well as power distribution panels (primary, secondary, final) and lighting panels.

Cabinets can be produced both for floor installation, and for fiting on walls.

For cabinet production are used component parts produced by leading european enterprises:

  • fitting housings, degree of protection IP54, with current distributing systems and accessories from , Rittal, Schneider Electric;
  • protecting and starting-up / adjustment equipment, light alarming and control armature from ABB, Schneider Electric;  Combined cabinet of the ventilation and conditioning systems, and the heating point automation and control.
  • Electric power counters of EuroALFA and DELTA types from ABB, multifunctional circuit parameters measuring devices of PM500 type from Schneider Electric;
  • relay Finder, programable logical modules from Siemens;
  • terminal connectors and hermetic cable couplers from Legrand, Phoenix Contact;
  • frecuency transformers and soft-starters from Emotron, Schneider Electric;
  • Electric drives manual control panels, dialog panels, automation and dispatching system controllers from Sauter.

Cabinets are, usualy, supplyed with voltage control relays and uninterrupted power sources, providing controllers efficiency while power failure.

On customers will inner lighting and documentation pocket can be fitted in the cabinet. If necessary the ventilation and temperature or humidity inside the cabinet stabilization systems are provided (complete Rittal). If all chosen cabinets (fitting houses) are produced by the same enterprise, locking and unlocking of all cabinets can be done by unified key by means of uniformed lock.

Design solutions for each cabinet are formed on the development stage and are co-ordinated with Customer.

Cabinets assembling, adjustment and final checking is made in the manufacturing department of Uniserise enterprise.

Cabinets produced by Uniserice enterprise are supplyed with following documentation: registration certificate, operational manual, basic and coupling electrical scheme, completing elements list, the cabinet appearance and internal design outline.


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